Community Benefit Action CIC

Enterprise Services

CBAcic is a community interest company specialised in providing a robust sustainable business infrastructure ranging from idea generation to exit strategy for enterprises. CBAcic will act as consultant, practitioner, trainer, agent or contractor as appropriate or instructed in providing the following services:
• Idea generation – research, needs analysis, evaluation and facilitation;

• Business and Strategic Planning – human resources, marketing, finance, materials and IT;

• Start up – legal structure including registration, conversion, policies, governing document reviews;

• Development – Training, performance reviews, management, capacity building, synergy;

• Growth & innovate – driving profitable growth through innovation, transforming risk into opportunity (risk management), commissioning, procurement, bidding, tendering, contract. Companies, and indeed industries, are reassessing their potential for growth and innovation in an increasingly competitive landscape. Understand the role innovation plays in your company's growth strategy, and find out how to structure and allocate limited resources to deliver profitable market results.

• Sustainability – business health checks, fundraising, funding and finance. CBA will help you to build and run effective organisations in order to achieve operational excellence through sustainable improvements and more efficient processes that lower costs, increase cash flows and enhance customer satisfaction. CBA will also help you to take control of costs without sacrificing long-term success by implementing cost-cutting measures that maximise efficiency without compromising growth potential and long-term sustainability. Your organisation will learn how to drive profits through the targeted reduction of costs without damaging the long-term health of your business.

• Exit Strategy – diversification, collaboration, partnership, merging, buy-out, insolvency. CBA will support you in this economic downturn, where companies across industries are engaged in finance transformation initiatives, marked by
expansion into emerging markets, the deployment of Shared Services Centres and the continuous drive for efficiency and lower costs.